Based on our proprietary Databilities® framework, myDatabilities® is a free, 10-minute individual data literacy assessment with personalised results and recommendations.

How it works


Your responses will be analysed against the Databilities® framework


We'll then create your personalised report - showing you exactly where you're doing well and where you could do with some extra help.





Receive immediate access to our measurement tool and complete the survey (which takes less than 10 minutes).  


Then sit back and relax. 

We'll take it from here!


We'll get you started with some training recommendations.  


From here, it's up to you to fire up, take action to build and nurture your lifelong data literacy.


Of course, if you need some support or training, we can point you in the right direction towards some of our fabulous partners.




Databilities® was developed as a tool to measure and develop core data literacy skills and competencies.  It has six levels of progression; from Level 1 to Level 6. 


There's no Level 0 - that's deliberate. 


We don't believe in data illiteracy.


We believe in data literacy.


We believe every person in the modern world already has a level of data literacy; data literacy is simply a new name for many of the skills and behaviours we already demonstrate on a daily basis.


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